Getting to know Metanoia Ngubo

He's an SABC 1 presenter and a star on the rise.

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:43 AM


If there's one thing we thoroughly enjoy about the entertainment industry, is the number of great young talent that we get introduced to every year.

Actors, musicians, and presenters who undoubtedly have the passion to carry the torch from those who came before them in the entertainment world.

One young entertainer, we've come to appreciate since he began appearing on TV is Metanoia Ngubo.

Metanoia Ngubo presents SABC 1's Reno Race a home-renovation reality series with a twist, providing double the drama and entertainment!


ZAlebs caught up with the performing arts and entertainer to learn more about himself and his experience of the entertainment industry thus far.

Metanoia is 21-years-old performing artist who is also majoring in Grand Strategy. 

"My life is a mixture of business and entertainment, I trained for television presenting in 2010. I trained with the same guys who trained the likes of Bonang, Leroy and Zizo. They were actually my teachers, after that, I began auditioning every now and then but didn't get too far in the TV scene. However, I did become a guest presenter for YoTV for a while but only now that I'm almost finished with varsity and got back into the performance scene I managed to get myself a gig on Reno Race I'm also an MC for corporate gigs."


Metanoia also shared how he's now being recognized as 'that guy, from that show' whenever he's in public, which is something he appreciates as it means that people are watching the show during their spare time.

"Yes, I think I posted something on Instagram where I told my followers that I'm going through my 'That Guy' phase. Whenever people see they're like, oh are you 'that guy' and I'm like 'yes I'm that guy.' But it's really amazing, the reception has really been awesome the public's attention towards the show has been really phenomenal. 

They love the concept of the show, they love what we're doing. It's just been positive and obviously, everyone is asking us to come renovate their houses. So people are really warming up to a fresh new face and the whole concept of what the show's about."

For those who aspire to be in the entertainment industry, here's Metanoia's word of advice on what to do whilst still working on your dream.

"I'll be honest with you, anyone who tells you it's easy is lying, it is a lot of work and it requires a lot of patience. But the advice that I can give is that if you can find mentors if you can find people in the industry who are willing to show you the way and the ropes, those are the people you need to look for. 

Those are the people who want to see the industry grow and that's where you want to be. You don't want to see yourself competing, you want to see yourself grow in the industry and that's what you must when you go for auditions or try to find an agent. Just play your part and you'll get far."

Catch Metanoia on SABC 1's Reno Race every Tuesday at 18:00pm

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