Getting to know Phil De Lange

Who knew that the reserved Phil would reach such great heights

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:41 AM

Phil De lange

September turned out to be a great year for comedian - Phil De Lange, not only did he win the Next Level prize at the Comic Choice Awards, featured in Trevor Noah presents NationWild, a 13-part comedy showcase.

ZAlebs had the chance to interview the 30-year old comedian and what we found is that as much as it was super exciting for him to be handpicked by Trevor Noah and winning a Comics Choice Award, he actually does not like all of the attention he's been getting.

Huh? Like why dude, you're doing so great as a comedian.

"I don't quite know how that works myself, it's a bit of a catch 22 situation because, on one hand, it's like I'm very much an introvert. I love staying in my flat, I don't really like going out and stuff like that. I think it's because I probably have like self-conscious issues and I don't like the idea of people looking at me. But for some reason, when I'm performing that kind of goes away, I think it might be because there's a sense of control that you have in speaking to people who are interested in a certain aspect of you."

Phil De Lange

What we also found interesting about Phil is that he also works very closely with his friends and is all about him sharing his platform with them when it comes to comedy. A month ago, he hosted the Laughter is Lekker comedy show, he had the chance to explain in detail to us what this show entails.


"It was basically a show with me and some of my friends, in the local comedy space whom I've gotten to know. They started after me but they're funny people and it's just a variety show of me showcasing some of my friends to an audience that might want to come and see me and it's just an opportunity to give my friends a chance to be exposed to a new market."

As mentioned, Phil had the pleasure of being handpicked by Trevor Noah for the NationWild comedy showcase, Phil has shared that this opportunity has boosted his career in many ways.

"This opportunity has done very well for my career, to be honest, I think it's just started now, I feel like this opportunity has kicked off a fresh start for me. I've been doing comedy for close to six years now and now I finally feel like I'm sort of like at a tipping point of taking the next step and being a more established comedian. I think it's also how I use the opportunity as well, I've got all of this good publicity at the moment and it's all about how I use it."

Phil has considered every comedian who was handpicked by Trevor to be some of the funniest people he has ever come across.

Make sure you catch Phil and the rest of the NationWild comedians on Showmax by clicking right here and get ready to laugh your toosh off.

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