Gigi Lamayne wears confidence on her sleeve

There's nothing sexier than a woman who embraces her imperfections

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If you're a fan of Mabala Noise princess, Gigi Lamayne, then you know she wears her confidence on her sleeve. The hip-hop artist - who isn't your conventional beauty - is embracing her own definition of beautiful.


It's hard enough being a woman in a male-dominated industry but now image doing that and still having to fit the conventional standards of beauty? 

Born Genesis Gabriella Tina Manney, 22-year-old Gigi is a multi-award-winning rapper, singer, poet and songwriter from Johannesburg. 

Gigi who first won our hearts with her 'Ice Cream' single in which she features Khuli Chana quickly became a household name and impressed us with mature lyrics and stage presence. This mature lyrical style along with her poetry is what set Gigi apart from the rest.

Apart from her talent, another reason we love Gigi is for her confidence. The barbie doll stick figure idea of beauty is becoming less and less coveted and worshipped all over the world and women are starting to embrace their natural beauty, skin color and all shapes and sizes. 

Gigi is one of the women we look up to because she doesn't fit into your conventional meaning of what beauty is but rather accepts that she's different and other than hiding her imperfections, she embraces them.

It's depressing that the world makes it embarrassing to wear a bikini or show any skin for that matter if it's anything less than perfect but Gigi isn't having any of that body shaming drama. The lyricist recently posted a picture of herself and was rather happy to show off her imperfect body.


Gigi's fashion sense also compliments her confidence and if you know Gigi then you know she doesn't cover up much. In most of her music videos and even public appearances, the rapper can be seen in clothes that cover her essentials only and pretty much nothing else. 

Others might argue that her style is tacky and that she should dress up a little more would they still feel that way if she wasn't dark skinned, if she fit the conventional idea of "beauty" and spent more time rapping about how hot she is?


Gigi doesn't care what anyone has to say about any of her physical features - she'll continue to deliver the bars, continue to be her own kind of sexy and while some of you guys hate, others are watching and are lowkey wishing they were this confident.

Gigi Lamayne wears confidence on her sleeves
Gigi Lamayne wears confidence on her sleeves

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