Gobis'iqolo vs Wololo

It seems like some feel as though Gobisa'iqolo is better than Wololo.

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:44 AM


There's a festive war that is currently brewing in the urban streets and it seems like it's going to get real ugly.

The festive season is literally upon us and throughout the entire year, we've had a fair number of musical hits that will assist us in ushering in the festive season with a glass of Jameson on one hand and a potential summer bae on the other.

Now one song that has undoubtedly swooped the country by storm is Babes Wodumo's Wololo, personally, Mercedes-Benz has also has taken off nicely but it may seem as though the recent summer hit, Gobis'iqolo by Bhizer, Trigger, Bhepepe featuring Busiswa has caused a ruckus in clubs and townships across the country and on various radio stations.

However, there's an interesting Tweet we came across of a tweep who feels that Gobis'qolo is a way better song than Wololo.


Now Babes Wodumo fans are problem on some...'Oh no he didn't!'


But please calm down, not everyone agrees with the Tweeps comment although we must admit it is quite a catchy tune for the festive debauchery.

Even celebs such as the likes of Ntando Duma and Thembisa Mdoda have been feeling this song.

THANK YOU PRINCESS MAGOGO STADIUM!!! 🙌🏻❤️ You guys were amazing!

A video posted by Ms Ntando Fleekiswa Duma (@dumantando) on

And of course Thembisa had to break it down with the heels.

But neh man, Gobis'iqolo is a jam though, but bettter than Wololo? Mmmm we'll let you decide.