Halle Berry denies attending the International Women in Media Conference

Well this is rather awkward.

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:41 AM

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Halle Berry is the second international star to denounce any involvement with the Women in Media Conference set to take place in September.

Just this week Taraji P. Henson also denied that she had any knowledge of attending the conference which has since garnered a lot of negative publicity.

21st Century Group, the organization responsible for organizing the event has since sent out a statement explaining that its legal team is currently investigating the miscommunication that occurred between them and Ms Henson's agent and management.

But it seems like bad luck has struck 21st Century Group the second time around as Halle Berry has also distanced herself from this conference.

The Hollywood actress last night tweeted that she will not be attending the event and shamed 21st Century Group for misleading people. She then thanked Taraji for informing her about the event.

Halle Berry

Another celebrity who has distanced herself from this conference is Bonang. She immediately released a statement after Taraji expressed that she had little to no knowledge of this conference.

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Main Image Credit: Instagram/@HalleBerry