Happy 44th Birthday Basetsana Kumalo

She's fully in her 40's and loving it.

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:56 PM


Basetsana is an inspiration to many, especially to the young people who are or aspire to work in the South African entertainment industry.

Thanks to Basetsana Kumalo, the country has enjoyed a number of local television shows.

Basetsana is the Executive Director of Connect TV and has seen her production company produce shows like Date My FamilyOur Perfect Wedding, and KFC's Taste Kitchen as well as  Utatakho to name a few.

So it's only right that we celebrate the birthday of one of the most important women in South African entertainment. 


Basetsana ushered in her 44th birthday this week by announcing that she was officially the brand ambassador for Lux after she was appointed to the same position 10-years ago.

Basetsana is also a great cook and occasionally shares her best dishes with the rest of her Instagram followers.

Here's a clip of her making one of her delicious dishes - butternut soup.

Happy Birthday, Aunty B the entertainment industry is blessed to have such a phenominal woman like you.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@BasetsanaKumalo