HHP: People like me can’t live long but we need to put the truth in our music

HHP had a lot to say about the importance of being woke.

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:41 AM


As the music industry prepares for HHP’s memorial and funeral service to be held this week, his industry peers continue to share their fondest memory of the late rapper. One of those industry peers is DJ Sbu, whom HHP was very fond of.

DJ Sbu a few days ago shared an intriguing video of HHP in deep conversation about faith and where we're heading as a nation.

Although the context of the video is a bit vague, HHP is seen briefly speaking about his faith. In the video the rapper is heard saying that he doesn’t know what his faith is, however, what he does know is that the “Makubenjalo" verse should’ve never been taken out of the national anthem. The late rapper made a reference to Mam’ Winnie’s funeral and how it rained heavily after the funeral attendees sang the South African anthem with the Makubenjalo verse mentioned.

“.. I believe that there is power in Makubenjalo and the minute we get to that there might be some change man until then we’re just going to keep going around in circles.”

What is chilling about this video is that HHP also mentions something about committing suicide. Check out the video below.

This tweet below is also probably one of the most heartbreaking tweets from Jabba that we've recently come across.


Rest In Peace Jabba.

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