Home Affairs actor heeds to sangoma calling

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:59 PM

We all know Lerato as a responsible, intelligent, attractive and ambitious human. Those of us who watch SABC1 will also recognise her from her role on the hit drama, Home Affairs. However it seems acting isn't all that it's made out to be for her and she's decided to pursue a different path; yes, she wants to be a sangoma.

According to Daily Sun the soapie star first received her calling when she started speaking in tongues on stage at an event. It didn’t end there for Lerato, soon after that she was visited by her ancestors!

This incident took place Friday night as she was speaking in tongues and moving in circles. She then bowed down in front of the maidens and special guests. 

The religious leaders tried to pray for her as the event was stoped for almost 20 minutes but prayers didn’t help. Instead she screamed louder and louder: “Hey vuma dlozi, vuma dlozi lami!” 

Sangomas have a special snuff that the sniff or inhale, and apparently it took this special snuff to calm her down as nothing else was working. Insiders are convinced that she was communicating with her ancestors as it is said that when you have a calling, sniffing the snuff is the only thing that will asuage you.

The actor then came back on stage after a few minutes and confessed, “For a long time I’ve been ignoring my ancestors’ calling.

“But I think now the Mvelase and Mthembus want me to do something about it,” Lerato said.

“If I keep on ignoring them, I will die.” 

Lerato also revealed that her ancestors timed their appearance carefully, choosing to appear while Lerato was in front of other people in order to force her to go to a gobela.

“I have to go back to my family in Mnambithi, KZN. Whether I like it or not, the ancestors will always disturb me if I do not listen,” she said.

Personally we think she should go for training on how to become a sangoma and we wish her the best of luck in her journey!

Credit Image.Facebook.Lerato Mvelase