Homer Simpson does Ice Bucket Challenge

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:59 PM

Theeee Siiiiimpsssooooons. Too-doo-doo-do... yeah, this doesn't work when you're writing it out (Although I do hope you were singing along in your head!) So we've all seen countless ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos in the last two weeks. Celebrities from the USA kicked things off by dousing themselves in icey water to raise funds and awareness to the ALS foundation. It wasn't long before South African celebs joined the fun and we saw the likes of Gareth Cliff and Katlego Maboe drench themselves in freezing water last week. 

We've also seen how the Ice Bucket challenge can go horribly wrong; tisk tisk, will people never learn? 

The Ice Bucket Challenge has definitely gone viral and has spread from the USA to the UK, SA, France, Australia and this morning, it reached Springfield, Illinois, the home of The Simpsons. Homer Simpson decided to do his part to raise ALS awareness and in doing so, has given us one of the funniest Ice Bucket Challenges yet. America's funniest TV dad (Sorry, Phil Dunphy) challenged fellow characters, Flanders and Lenny, to take part in the challenge, shortly before issuing a challenge to The Apprentice host and businessman, Donald Trump. 

 Watch the video below and tell us if you think Homer has outdone all other celebrities.