How Sjava's talent saved his mom

His talent has been saving his family since day one 

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:42 AM

How Sjava's talent saved his mom

BET Award-winning African trap musician, Sjava, has been hailed for his humility from the minute he first stepped on the scene and this past week, we got to see first-hand where this humility stems from. 

When Sjava returned from the BET Awards which went down in Los Angeles this past weekend, he was not only met by adoring fans and members of the media but also by his incredibly happy family. The happiest member of his family was his proud mother, Ma'Nkabinde.

She kicked off his home-coming by singing his praises, leading the musician to blush. 

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After the adorable moment, various members of Sjava's family took to the mic to share how proud they were of him as well as share stories from his childhood. Two of the best stories, however, came from his mother who shared how a young Sjava once gave her and her sister (his aunt) a mini-heart attack after he disappeared during a concert his aunt had taken him to. 

Ma'Nkabinde, went on to share how his aunt later found that he was actually on the stage, singing hand-in-hand with the legendary Lucky Dube. 

She went on to add how, on the days they would go to town and run out of money to get back home shortly after moving to Johannesburg from Kwa-Zulu Natal, a young Sjava would go to the busiest parts of town and start singing and dancing for bystanders who would then give him money. He would always make enough to get them back home.


Ma'Nkabinde added that she has always prayed for her son's talent and success and she even called him to pray for him shortly before his trip to LA and believes his win is a testament to the fact that prayer works. 

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