Implementing Success With Tumi Voster

The presenter gives back!

By  | May 28, 2019, 03:19 PM

It is so important for our faves to look give back to their fans. Celebrities today need to acknowledge and give back to the communities that inspire them and those who look up to them.
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Under the umbrella theme, “Implementing your success in 2019,” Tumi Voster hosted the second GRL PWR Series event in Hyde Park. In the follow up to 2018’s immensely successful summit, the event focused on shifting gears from building your success plan to implementing it. 

Much to some surprise, this year was the first time a male speaker was added to the panel. “I added a different element this year because the dialogue of women empowerment isn’t a women only dialogue”, Tumi explained. “We deal with men every day and it’s important for us to bring them on this path of empowerment, as this will help in bridging the gap and allowing men to understand our stories as women better!”.
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Apart from sharing knowledge, this year also saw some of the guests walk away with mentorship opportunities from the speakers and Tumi herself. “The only way women can own their power is if they truly understand who they are! I want to use this platform to help women break free from stereotypes, to redefine who they are as modern women by providing them with safe spaces and engagement platforms to help them be empowered and confident young woman able to face challenges head on,” says Tumi on why initiatives like hers are important. 

We hope this is the beginning of many more young women being empowered!

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