The importance of having a Will

How many of us have even drafted one?

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:41 AM

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As the story of Lerato and HHP’s funeral arrangement unfolds in front of the entire country it had me realising once again the importance of drafting and certifying your Will when it comes to all of the aftermaths that come after your death.

Although we may all never know what transpired between the Tsambo family and Lerato one lesson I’m definitely learning from all of this, is that planning your life, even for those affected by your death goes a long way.

Sure, the thought of drafting a Will or even thinking about who Will be planning your funeral is quite daunting but it something that has to be done, especially if you know that you have a huge family base, especially if you have a family that does not get along.

A Will becomes even more important to write when you have kids as they can be seriously affected by all that occurs before, during and after your funeral and leaving your kids in destitute is something that will surely have you turning in your grave.

Drafting a will has been made to become quite an easy process these days as Banks like FNB & ABSA offer assistance in helping you create your own Will as well.

So there is honestly no excuse for us all not to have one.

If the Lerato and HHP situation has not convinced you why you should have a Will maybe these reasons why we ALL need to write one will open up your eyes to how crucial this process is.

According to, these are the Top 10 reasons to have a Will:

  1. You decide how your estate will be distributed.
  2. You decide who will take care of your minor children
  3. To avoid a lengthy probate process
  4. Minimize estate taxes
  5. You decide who will wind up the affairs of your estate
  6. You can disinherit individuals who would otherwise stand to inherit
  7. Make gifts and donations
  8. Avoid greater legal challenges
  9. Because you can change your mind if your life circumstances change
  10. Because tomorrow is not promised

So out of all the important adult things you need to do in your life, it is quite clear that having a Will is right up there with your other crucial To-Do-List responsibilities as an adult.

Do the right thing and get yourself a Will so you can avoid all the unnecessary drama that you won’t be able to sort out when you’re gone.