Is Zodwa Wabantu Cursed?

What Witchcraft is This?!

By  | May 31, 2019, 11:22 AM

Zodwa Wabantu is on cloud 9 right now. In the month of May alone, she has celebrated the premiere of her first reality TV show while also deciding to commit to her lover for life by getting down on one knee and proposing to him (and also deciding to pay his Lobola and make him take her surname!).

However, one person thinks that Zodwa's unorthodox approach to her impending marriage is going to to be cursed. A man named Jabulani Maphalala, who is described as a cultural expert, claims that because Zodwa has chosen to do things so differently and is going against tradition, she is risking bringing a curse upon her family.

The disgruntled cultural leader spoke to Daily Sun and revealed that the route that Zodwa had taken was going to bring shame and misfortune to her family. He began by saying,

“In our culture, the man sends his uncles to pay lobola for the woman. When they get married, she takes the man’s surname. It is shocking!”

According to the Daily Sun report, Jabulani admitted that he had never ever seen this before and claimed that it was going to be frowned upon by their elders.

Despite these serious warnings, Zodwa Wabantu has told the public that she has no intentions withdrawing her marriage plans for anybody, let alone a stranger. She said,

“If a person is dead they’re dead and have no power over a living person. My mum died and she can never bring luck to me.

I don’t even use muthi. I pray and I do things my way. No tradition or ancestor can harm our love.”

What do you think of Zodwa's decision to pay Lobola for her husband, will it bring her bad luck?

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Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Zodwalabrim


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