Isibaya fans: Some disgruntled, some excited

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:59 PM

 Yesterday we asked avid Isibaya fans if they were ready for last night’s gripping episode which consisted of "Thandeka" discovering  that her father is alive.  One or two readers expressed sheer excitement whilst the other half was sceptical, one of our readers even jokingly mentioned that the episode could be a possible dream by "Thandeka" who would eventually wake up and realise that her father isn’t alive.

Well, for our sake that is not what ensued.   However, the episode was a tad bit disappointing in the sense that “Mpiyakhe” couldn’t recognize his daughter and that the chances of him being kidnapped again by "Sunday" were highly possible .  When followers of the story realised that this could possibly be the case, all hell broke loose on social networks. 

Threats to not watch the show were posted all over Facebook and Twitter.  Even though we’re well aware that they’ll continue to watch the show, after all it is the hottest drama series to hit South African television screens since SABC 1’s Intersexions.

Not all fans were fazed by the dissapointing episode, some opted to focus on the talented actors that have made Isibaya the success story that its become.

In our opinion Isibaya has done pretty well when it comes to viewerships and this particular episode shouldn't discourage us from watching the show.  The storyline has plateaued in the past weeks but the gripping effect it has on the nation continues to gain strenght with every episode.