It's 2015... how old do you feel?

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:46 AM

We are already four days into 2015, but it's just struck me that we've left A LOT OF THINGS behind over the past few years. I'm aging with each annum and things I casually stored in the back of my mind as "recent memories" actually happened a longer time ago than I've been thinking! 

I've made a list of the few of the things that I can't believe are 5, 10 and even 20 years old this year, but that's nothing; wait 'til I start talking about the film which turns 26 this year...

This was all 5 years ago (2010)

The FIFA World Cup on South African soil.

The First  Despicable Me film and...

The last Toy Story film... (Although Toy Story 4 is currently in the works,  the ending to 3 was too perfect for this not to have been the end of a series)

Oh, and Justin Bieber looked like this: 


Okay so that was just the warm up. Here's where we really expect you to start feeling a bit old

This was all 10 years ago (2005)

The first episode of How I Met Your Mother aired while...

... the last episode of My Wife and Kids aired this year

'Jason' (Zolisa Xaluva) made his Generations debut

Michael Jackson was found NOT GUILTY of all child molestation charges

Alright, that's enough of the child's play. Let's REALLY jog your memories shall we? 

This was all 20 years ago (1995)

South Africa won the Rugby World Cup on home soil (Kind of a big deal, eh?) 

We lost Robin Williams last year, but one of his greatest films was released in 1995: Jumanji

Kendall Jenner was born

Charlize Theron made her acting debut in the form of a small, uncredited role in the film, Children of the Corn III.

By the way - remember the film Back to the Future: Part II? We are now officially in "the future". 

Firstly, the second installment of the Back to the Future series came out in 1989; that's 26 years ago, which is older than a lot of people reading this post. But those who managed to watch this film (Either upon release or anytime later) will remember that when they travel to the "future" they travel to the year 2015. 

In Back to the Future: Part II ; they actually managed to accurately predict a few things that we have available in 2015. 3D films, Holograms (Remember the Tupac Hologram?) and Anti-Aging cream are all easily available in 2015! 

We're still waiting on Hoverboards, though, but this brilliant tweet will make some of us a little more patient for that! 

Okay but seriously guys, how old do you feel right now?