Jackie Phamotse gets dragged for allegedly attacking Sithelo Shozi

Fans want Jackie to leave baby Makhosini's mom alone 

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:42 AM

Jackie Phamotse gets dragged for allegedly attacking Sithelo Shozi

Author, Jackie Phamotse has been trending for weeks and although many think this publicity bodes well for her book, she has been trending for all the wrong reasons. 

As part of her newfound identity as a self-righteous crusader against a life she once chose to live and enjoy, Phamotse has become the self-appointed savior of sugar babies everywhere and makes sure to state as much in every interview she does. 

Her latest interview was as part of a panel on isiZulu radio station Ukhozi FM. On the panel alongside Phamotse were jilted stylist, Shaun, whose girlfriend Lebo, left him for problematic businessman, Nico Matlala, Khwezi Mgoma and Sithelo Shozi who's son (Makhosini) you may recognize from popular memes.

Those who tuned in to the interview are convinced Phamotse just wanted to attack Shozi and Shozi seems to agree as she has been retweeting support from listeners all day. 

jackie pahmoste dragged

The panel began by trying to define the very misunderstood concept of 'slay queen' and each panelists definition was very different. Phamotse immediately opted to use Shaun and Sithelo as examples while Sithelo countered that point by saying that based on her definition of what a slay queen is, she'd never take offense to the term. 

She explained that this is because the newly perceived misconceptions about being a 'slay queen' are misunderstood and she knows that that is not what she does. 

However, Phamoste's insistence on insinuating that Sithelo was promoting a lifestyle that inspires young people to engage in transactional sex brought Sithelo to tears. Watch: 

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