Jimmy Tau to blame for Lebese's girl problems?

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:46 AM

Yho talk about being an instigator of note! Jimmy Tau might have triggered a fight between George Lebese and his gilrfriend. The Kaizer Chiefs player, who was arrested after allegedly assaulting his girlfriend, was released on bail last week.

And now, according to Sunday World, it turns out that George lost his mind after discovering raunchy text messages between Jimmy and his girlfriend, Sizakele Manonga. This apparently happened when the couple was at a party in Pretoria last Sunday.

A source told the paper that George came across the text messages when he was using her phone to call his friends to give them directions.

The source claimed: "When Lebese confronted her about the matter, a fierce argument erupted and she slapped him in the face and grabbed both his and her cellphones from him and ran towards her car. She then jumped into her car and locked herself in and started fidgeting with it, apparently with the hope of finding dirt on him too. I think she thought the people he was giving directions to were his side dishes."

George reportedly got angry when Sizakele refused to open the car and hand over his cellphone. He then allegedly kicked one of the car windows and broke it, and then hit her before taking his cellphone.

When she refused, he kicked one of the car windows and broke it, then bliksemed her before taking away his cellphone. When called for comment, the Chiefs star reportedly hung up, while Jimmy refused to comment.

He told Sunday World: "I have no comment on the matter because, one, I don't want to be involved in it and, two, the matter is sub judice because it is now handled by the police and, lastly, I don't discuss my private life with the media."

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