Joey Rasdien NOT amused by burglar

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:45 AM

eNCA reports that Rasdien came home on Wednesday to find the alarm beams at his house had gone missing. After inspecting CCTV footage, the comedian discovered an unidentified man had stolen his alarm beams earlier that morning. "This guys stole my alarm beams at 08h45 this morning," tweeted Rasdien. He later sent another tweet, seemingly angry this time.

There’s nothing funny about coming home and realising that your personal space has been invaded. A follower, responding to Rasdien’s rant, warned that criminals often try to disable alarm systems so they can commit even bigger crimes. Joey seems determined to find the burglar, whose face wasn’t clearly visible from the footage. He wrote on Twitter that he’ll be upgrading his security system. Good luck, Joey!