J'Something, can we come over for dinner?

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:46 AM

Do you ever see something on the internet that just makes you hungry? I'm talking about that kind of irrational hunger that makes you finish all your lunch before its even 10am? Yeah, that's how I feel this morning after seeing the dinner J'Something prepared last night. 

BBQ Sticky wings, whole weat buns and some delicious looking dips. Can you say YUM? 

It's absolutely no secret that J'Something is a whiz in the kitchen, so much so that he's even managed to whip up his own show, but come on guy... do you have to make us drool like this on a daily basis? 

Of course, all of this just emphasises just how much of a catch Mi Casa's frontman is. Can you imagine a typical Sunday in his home? You could wake up, be kissed to death by this cute little thing below: 

J'Something's new puppy, in case you didn't know!

Then, when you're a little hungry, Chef J' would step into the kitchen and whip up something delicious for you. And then when everything is done and you're absolutely exhausted, he would lay you down in bed and serenade you until you fell asleep. 

Seriously, can anybody imagine a better way to spend any day? 

But on the real Mr Something, we expect a dinner invite, very, very soon. (P.S. We love chicken, beef, lamb and are allergic to seafood!)