Jub Jub king of his prison

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:59 PM

Jub Jub's story has been one of the biggest fallings out from fame in recent history. His infamy in the public eye has not deterred his popularity in prison, however. His treatment in jail has been described as that of a 'king'.  The prison staff members and an inmate have claimed that Jub Jub is untouchable and lives a life of privelege behind the comfort of his jail cell.
“He flushed a cell phone down the toilet! The only thing found was a charger. Soon after that he got a new phone," said the inmate.
According to the prison staff and the inmate, Jub Jub also tried to have cocaine smuggled into jail in a muscle supplement package. The package was confiscated and tested positive for the illegal substance.
They both confirmed that Jub Jub never faced any punishmen; instead a senior official was suspended and since then gym supplements were completely banned.
The inmate also said that Jub Jub gets more than 45 minutes for visitation.
"Other inmates found with cell phones are taken to the "Bomb Cells" where they are punished for 42 days, with all their privileges taken away - but not Jub Jub." He continued.  "Jub Jub is untouchable." All other inmates are victimised, but not him.
"We want to expose the ill-treatment and victimisation we experience just because we are not famous and our families are not politically connected like Jub Jub's.- Said The Inmate
This connection included having a relationship with the head of Joburg Prison’s medium C centre.
(Credit:Facebook.Jub Jub Rare-Breed)