Justin Bieber announces Retirement

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:59 PM

Justin Bieber has retired- IT'S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE.

Rumors of the 20 year old singer's retirement had been circulating for weeks, but over the Christmas period Bieber took to Twitter to confirm that the rumors were true and that he aas indeed retiring. 


This is news that has sent shockwaves around the world (Of Beliebers) and Justin, never one to leave his fans hanging, gave further reason for his retirement. He added on Twitter, 

ZAlebs wonders just how serious the announcement of his retirement is- it's not the first time that a big superstar has claimed that they are retiring. Jay Z, Eminem and even Chris Brown (Although it has yet to be seen if his 'threat' will materialise) and we think, like the aforementioned stars, this is another publicity stunt. 

The timing of Bieber's announcement smacks a little of arrogance as well- why would you drop a bomb like that on Christmas day?! Does he think he's more important than Santa Claus? IN the words of Young Biff (Back the Future II), Make like a tree, and Get Out Of Here.

Farewell Bieber, can't say we'll miss you.