Karabo Mokoena's death shocker

Following an embargo on the information, shocking details of her death have been revealved 

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:43 AM

Karabo Mokoena's death shocker

The news of Karabo Mokoena's brutal death rocked the entire country for days on end, she has since become the poster girl for femicide. Her alleged killer Sandile Mantsoe is behind currently behind bars but the embargoed information revealed during his bail hearing has finally come to light.

The judge presiding over Mantsoe's bail hearing had initially imposed a media blackout on the court case due to the sensitive information the defendant was revealing in his bail application. Among that information was the fact that he was still married to his enstranged wife who now lives in the Eastern Cape with their three children. 


According to Sunday World, Karabo's murder was allegedly a ritual killing which Mantsoe had to perform to preserve the lavish lifestyle they had acquired. According to reports, the couple performed a ritual at a church in Johannesburg that involved swapping of blood to strengthen their bond and Sandile's business interests.

Karabo had then covered the scar from the blood ritual with the tattoo on her left shoulder. Mantsoe allegedly has the same tattoo on his right shoulder. 

The paper also alleges that Mantsoe's Ghanaian Sangoma who is linked to the murder passed away after hearing that Sandile confessed that he burnt Karabo's body in a veld.

Following Mokoena's death, many of her friends have expressed their sorrow at the loss of her life. 

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