Kay Sibiya's Drag Look Has Social Media In Stitches

He took the 'Flip The Switch' challenge to a whole new level.

By  | Apr 09, 2020, 11:42 AM

ZAlebs have been keeping their fans entertained all over the internet by participating in challenges that are trending.

One of them is actor Kay Sibiya who took part in the "Flip The Switch" challenge with girlfriend Judie Kama.

If you do not know what the challenge entails, then the couple's take on it will paint you the perfect picture.

It mostly involves two participants both standing in front of a mirror, with one of them standing closest to it. They have to be recording on their phone whilst the other stands at the back dancing to Drake's line 'Look, I just flipped the switch'. With the lights going off then on, the two people should switch outfits.

The couple decided to raise the bar a bit higher. Kay is seen wearing a Zulu printed vest and doing some traditional Zulu dances. Judie on the other hand, is in a white jumpsuit and black curls.

When the couple switched outfits, Kay rocked the white jumpsuit and curly wig.
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Picture credit: Instagram/@kay_sibiya