Kenneth Nkosi was arrested at Macufe

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:59 PM

South African actor, Kenneth Nkosi was arrested at this weekend's explosive Macufe Festival. Is it safe to say that someone was having too much fun? (Too soon, Trevor, too soon). 

Police Captain Chaka Marope confirmed his arrest and issues the following statement to the public, “The man was arrested for public drinking and additional charges of resisting arrest.”

Nkosi has since been discharged on a warning.

The well-known South African entertainer and star of White Wedding was caught drinking in public at the Macufe Festival in Bloemfontein on Saturday night. He was purportedly drinking lager with his friends in the city when cops approached them. 

Police Captain, Chaka Marope said Nkosi was advised to go back into the pub because it was illegal but the comedy actor refused. 

Rather than simply listening to the cops, he began swearing and – according to cops – resisted arrest. 

Cops say they needed to forcefully arrest the comedian. 

Marope said the man told cops he was a Gauteng superstar and couldn't be arrested by Bloemfontein cops. 

He was taken to Parkweg Police Station, where cops say he declined to give his name. Marope said: “The suspect was detained for 18 hours.”

He adds that when Kenneth was threatened and advised he would be taken to the Bainsvlei cop cells, he chose to let them know his name and was at long last discharged on a warning. 

However, Kenneth is refusing to talk about this matter. 

The SAPS were at different areas around the main venue to guarantee that interruptions were kept to a minimum. “The Parkweg police holding cells were full and we had to make use of neighbouring stations such as Bainsvlei and Bayswater,” said Marope.

“People were arrested for various offences ranging from minor offences such as pick-pocketing to serious ones such as vehicle hijacking.”

Credit Image:Facebook.Kenneth Nkosi