Khanyi Mbau: I don't like being famous

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:46 AM

If you're a Khanyi Mbau fan, you'll be loving the secrets she poured out on social networks this week. The diva recently took to Instagram, where she opened up about things that no one would have expected of her, one of them being the fact that she doesn’t like being famous but “just enjoy the benefits that it come along with”.

Khanyi further revealed that she suffers from dyslexia and cannot read, that she has a “terrible illness called OCD”, and that her closet is packed “in colour order, season, and texture of material”.

The socialite also said that her father is a taxi boss and that she has many siblings from different mothers.

As for her own Mother, Mbau wrote: “I lived in over 13 houses that I called home.. So I guess my mom was a Nomad.”

Also on the long list of surprising Mbau trivia are the facts that she doesn’t like people at her house, doesn’t know how to cook pap, that she’s an “awesome writer”, and that she wears children’s sneakers because of her small feet.