K.O. reveals why he likes to remain mysterious

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:46 AM

K.O. has been in the game for many years. The rapper has had great success as a member of award-winnig group Teargas. He has since gone solo and is still killing the game with hit after hit; just look at the year he had in 2014 with smash hits such as Caracara.

How does he do it? Well, Mr. Cashtime explained the secret to his success on Metro FM's breakfast show, The First Avenue: "For me, I've never really been about anything but just selling the music, and my work and my talent. That's what I wanna showcase. I'm not one who likes involving people in my personal life. I don't like people actually knowing more than they have to, because that leads to all sorts of misconceptions and stuff."

The Skhanda Republic star added that he likes remaining a mystery and look, it's clearly work for him. The hit-maker has been nominated for seven Metro FM Music Awards including Best Hit Single for Caracara, which features Kid X.

On his success,  K.O. said: "More than anything I'm just happy that after such a great run as a group member of Teargas, I'm now all by myself and there's stilll momentum around my talent and my work. I'm just more than ready to keep on working even harder."