K.O’s next single will be…

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:46 AM

This year will definitely be a big year for K.O. The rapper, who had huge success with his hit track Caracara in 2015, is already planning to release his next single.

It looks like he has a lot of great tracks on his SKhanda Republic album and just can’t make up his up about his next release.

Speaking to Slikour about his next single, K.O said: “The follow up after Skhanda Love, it’s looking like Nombolo… it’s a huge contender but people are also talking about Ding Dong but we’ll see what goes down.”

The Cashtime Tsotsi, who was crowned as SA’s hottest MC by MTV Base last year, can really do no wrong in our eyes. No matter which record he puts out, there’s no doubt that SA will rally behind him.

And, what we really love about K.O is that no matter how successful he becomes, he doesn’t let fame get to his head. He’s always been about the music.

Explaining why he remains a mystery, he told ZAlebs recently: "For me, I've never really been about anything but just selling the music, and my work and my talent. That's what I wanna showcase. I'm not one who likes involving people in my personal life. I don't like people actually knowing more than they have to, because that leads to all sorts of misconceptions and stuff."

We love it when celebs don’t get swallowed by the fame monster!