Mzansi Leading Ladies & their Husbands

Ever wondered who some of our favourite celebrities are romantically involved with?

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:44 AM

leading mzansi ladies

Some famous women are married to men who are not in the entertainment industry, let’s take a look at some of these lucky guys who have won the hearts of some of the most beautiful women in South Africa.

More than often, celebrities marry other celebrities,but some stars step out of the industry for love, Kgomotso Christopher, Lira and Khanyi Dhlomo are just some of the A-listers that have wed unfamous men.

leading mzansi ladies

Lira has been married to Robin Kohl since 2009 and the pair work together. Robin is Lira's manager. Read here

leading mzansi ladies

Kgomosto and her husband Calvin Christopher who is a corporate lawywer have been married since 2004, the leading lady is a well loved South African actress best known for her portrayal of Katlego in a popular SABC 3 soapie.

 Read here to find out what happened

leading mzansi ladies

Media mogul Khanyi Dhlomo keeps her personal life private, she has been married to business man Chinezi Chijioke since 2009.

leading mzansi ladies

Siba Mntongana & Brian Mntongana have been married since 2010, we often see Brian on Siba’s table when the chef prepares meal, the two have three children together. Read here

Brian is a designer, he designed Mark Shuttleworth’s space suit patch & he also designed the 2010 Fifa Confederation Cup invite.

leading mzansi ladies

Actress Mampho Brescia and Nicola Brescia have been married for 12 years, the two have an adopted daughter together and they seem like the perfect couple.

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