Lebo Motsoeli reveals why her marriage didn't work out

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:46 AM

After months of staying mum, Motsoeli confirmed to Drum magazine that the couple were set to split.


“Even though we were brought up to make it work and not give up, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t,” she explained.

She added that there were many reasons that they split and one of them was tying the knot too soon

“Many factors contributed to the end. I can’t really pinpoint one, but among them was not putting family first. There was also a breakdown in communication. It was eventually a case of either sink or swim, so I chose life,” she explained.

She added that it was incredibly difficult to break the news to her parents that it was over.

As for her future, she revealed to the magazine that plans to go back and study full-time.