Lehasa and Twinsaver go on a toy-spree for kids

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:59 PM

With a soulful, silky-smooth voice and striking good looks, Lehasa Moloi is not only the ‘boy next door’, but a talented actor, singer, model and presenter, who is quickly becoming a household name in South Africa. Earlier this year,  ZAlebs had the opportunity to interview this dashing young man who, surprisingy, is quite oblivious of his good-looks and charm! Today, however we’re not here to speak about the man’s appearance- instead, we would like to congratulate him for the noble work he has been doing in his joint venture with Twinsaver Luxury and Tugo Toys in an initiative to raise funds for Cotlands and their toy libraries.

Credit: Monique Jamieson

Lehasa Moloi has been involved with an organisation known as the New Jerusalem Children’s home. The Children’s home is a one of a kind orphanage in the sense that it is environmentally conscious and strives to provide the children with the best possible care by means of integrated education programmes and the like. Lehasa, in collaboration with Twinsaver, has delivered some eco-friendly Tugo toys for the children.

This collaborative effort allowed the South African public to contribute and play a role in making a difference to those less fortunate.
Understanding the need for vulnerable children to have access to quality educational toys, Twinsaver Luxury and TuGo Toys called upon the larger South African community to help raise funds for the Cotlands Toy Library as well as educating and raising awareness about educational toys and recycling.  Lehasa was one of those South Africans who heeded to the call and leant his helping to the children in need.

It’s always refreshing to see celebrities channelling their inner Mother-Theresa and serve the less fortunate in our communities.