Lemogang Tsipa is such a flame

What a mighty fine man he is.

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:43 AM


If there's one thing we've come to appreciate about iSthembiso actor, Lemogang Tsipa is not only his craft but his looks as well.

Since his appearance on iSthembiso we've come to appreciate the brother in more ways than one. If it's not his dark chocolate skin that makes us swoon it's his barritone voice or that mini afro of his that he has going on.

And by the looks of this picture, Lemogang has a great body going for him as well.


What we've come to also appreciate about the actor is that he is a supporter of local creatives and fashion as well.

We honestly wouldn't mind seeing more of Lemogang on the runway. He definitely needs to be a model as well.


But to be honest the men of iSithembiso are quite attractive.

There's also Scelo Dlamini, he may be a gangster and disliked by many but his bad boy persona can be quite charming.


And of course there also Tiisetso Thoka as well.


Who is your favourite male actor on iSthembiso?

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Lemogang Tsipa