Lessons from Black Coffee

SA's favourite DJ is a well of wisdom.

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:57 PM

#MondayMotivation - Lessons from Black Coffee

DJ Black Coffee often gets commended for his achievements but very few people have taken the time out to note who he is (as a person) has a lot to do with where he is (as a professional). 

Not a week goes by without Nkosinathi Maphumulo dropping some knowledge on us. Take a look at a few of the most memorable occasions in which he dropped gems. 

In studio in Germany:

Black Coffee In studio in Germany:

The full caption reads:

"While here in Berlin I went to see this great artist @yohnagao yesterday in his Studio and I decided to put on an arm brace.

When I was young after the car accident I use to wear one and being a kid it was hard as kids can be mean so I decided to stop wearing it especially in public.It has taken me so much time to appear like this in public because of my own insecurities but I decided to post this picture not just because for years people had their own versions of my story,I did this for myself.

This is a big step for me personally,being able to walk freely without over thinking is such a great achievement for me and I'm becoming more confident to do it more often.We all have little/big things that we don't like about ourselves and we often put ourselves down before other people do,I'm personally working towards breaking those chains in my space and I believe with this I'm gonna unlock even more opportunities for myself.Dont let anything pull you down.

Fight for the best version of yourself."

But it is the following part of the caption that had us in our feelings. 

"I've always been tough a person I'd take anything, even inherit other people's problems and bottle them inside while they eat me up, now as a Father I try to teach my kids not to do the same so I'm learning to not to be strong when I'm not supposed to be. I'm learning to cry and reflect in my own truth and all my faults and I'm trying be better. My dear Brothers it's ok, it's ok to cry.

Growing up we were often told "indoda ayikhali".This line has mostly groomed men with no emotions who find it easy to harm other people (emotionally or physically) mostly women.Lets change this.

Let's be our Parent's wildest dreams.It starts with facing ourselves then loving ourselves.

I'm so proud of me.

I love me."

His son's 18th birthday:

Black Coffee's son's 18th birthday:

The caption reads as follows:

"This dude....I was only 23 when he was born....even though all the odds were against me...being a student and no job this was one of the happiest days of my life.His Mother named him Esona Sinokuhle, his grandmother named him Mava,his unofficial name that I gave him was Mcebo for he became my motivation and the reason I woke up and chased all of my dreams I definitely didn't want him to grow up like I did.I can't believe he's turning 18 today . 18 Wow !!!!!Enjoy life my Son, start whatever it is you want to do, don't wait, make mistakes, grow, learn, love unconditionally , laugh, fight for what's right, forgive, lead, hug, cry, never conform, stay woke, don't keep negative people in your space, read, take walks, love yourself, enjoy your own company, celebrate all victories big or small and most importantly remember to stay close to God ask HIM to always lead your way.

Happy Birthday boy boy,I love you to the moon and back ❤️"

When Diddy put him on, he put his peers on as well:

Diddy and the family

While Black Coffee's friendship with one of hip-hop's richest and most influential persona's is widely celebrated, we LOVE the fact that when Diddy invited him out to Miami to party (and work), DJ Black Coffee took the best of SA talent along with him. 

Lessons on 'staying in your lane':

This was probably motivated by social media reactions to the fact that his wife wore the same dress twice - at their wedding reception and at the inaugural DSTV Mzansi Viewer's Choice Awards

It's her dress guys... She can do with it as she pleases.

And she still looked stunning collecting her husband's award 

Wisdom runs in the Maphumulo family, and thanks to social media, you have direct access to it. 

Main image credit: instagram.com/ @realblackcoffee