Lexi: I’m misunderstood

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:45 AM

Lexi always has us entertained with her tweets. We love how she’s always true to herself and is never scared to speak what’s on her mind.

However, not everybody is crazy about Lexi’s no-nonsense attitude.

In fact, her tweets have landed her in hot water a couple of times. She recently got hate after making fun of Big Brother Mzansi housemate K2’s toe.

Speaking about this K2 incident, she said: “I don’t watch Big Brother, I’ve never watched the show before. I went to it and I never watched it after. The one time when I actually watched the show, the camera guy decided to show his toes. So these hardcore fans didn’t see it, so I took a picture… It’s hilarious. There’s nothing wrong with his toes it’s just how he intertwined his toes. It just looks very weird.”

Does Lexi deserve all the hate because she’s opinionated? We don’t think so. “I’m just a different human being. I’m weird, I’m so different and I believe in what I believe in and I think I should be respected. A lot of times, I think since I moved to Joburg, I think I’m just misunderstood.”

She said she always remain true to herself. “I’m never gonna keep my mouth shout for the president, for Princess Diana when she was still alive, or for whoever and that’s never gonna change.”

Lexi feels that people haven’t been fair to her. “I feel that a lot of people misunderstand me a lot of times and they haven’t given me a chance to be Lexi, to be the sweet little girl.”