The lies we've all told our exes

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:46 AM

Don't be ashamed, because I know for a fact we've all done it. You know what I'm talking about right? We've all made up some great story or in this case lie, that we told our ex to try and make him or her jealous and to, of course, make ourselves look and feel awesome.

I know that growing up, our mothers told us that lying is bad but the reality is that sometimes the temptation to lie to an ex is too great. I've done my research and these are the top lies that I've found men and women love to tell their past lovers, for one reason or another.

I’m doing great!

No…you’re not. You’re probably just proud of yourself coz it’s the second day in the row you’ve been able to get yourself off that couch, put on some pants and get yourself out the house. We don’t want the person who broke our heart to know the truth about how we are really doing. Which isn’t great.


I’m getting married

Ummmm….are you really? Really? This is something a girl would say to her ex to try and make him jealous. I mean, look at what you are missing out on! I’m already off the market and moving on with my oh-so-fabulous new life. Just remember that when you run into your ex a year later…you won’t be wearing a wedding ring…so think this one through.


I’m thinking of moving to Paris and starting a new job

We do this to make a drastic announcement, hoping that our ex will turn around and tell us that they want us back and that we should never have broken up. Maybe leaving the country (or pretending that this is something we are considering) will bring them to their senses and make them run back to us.


I’m really happy you’re happy                

No you aren’t really happy that they are happy and doing well. How could they possibly be doing well and be happy when they aren’t still with you. Seeing people bounce back and carry on with their lives when you are still left eating 3 slabs of chocolate a night and drinking until you can’t spell your own name, doesn’t feel good.

I just wanted to see how you’re doing


I just wanted to speak to you, see if you still care enough to reply and have your undivided attention for a few minutes…that’s what you might as well have said. Because that’s ultimately what you mean.