Lily Allen enjoying Cape Town break

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:59 PM

Allen, a Twitter regular with more than four million followers on the Social Media platform has been detailing her travels across the Mother City in details.

In a range of posts she has told of means at top restaurants Pot Luck Club and La Colombe.

"If you're ever in Cape Town you must try and get to @laColumbeCT, such delicious food, I mean really yummy. I ate springbok," she revealed.

She followed up a little later with an update from Woodstock's Pot Luck Club, "Pork belly swag @thepotluckclubct so so good."

But it's not just restaurants and clubs for the It's Not Fair singer, who revealed her ordinary side as well. "So romantic on holiday. Me on Twitter, husband on Facebook, not talking. I'm gonna read 'Stoner' now, modern classic..."

That, coupled with an update about her daughter's birthday and a request for information on local manicure services, quickly showed that the London-based celebrity is not much different to the average person in the street.

But like most holiday-makers in the Mother City at this time of year, Allen appeared to be having fun. "I'm on holiday. It is nice. There is sun. There is sand. I am happy," she wrote.

Article by:Teamtalk

(Credit:Facebook.Lily Allen)