Lira collaborates with Walt Disney pictures

Lira made her biggest career move to date this year.

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:44 AM


The award-winning singer has announced that she'll be producing a song that will be on Disney's newest animated adventure movie - Moana.

Speaking on Metro FM Lira expressed great excitement and pride at this new project she's embarked on with one of the most prevalent film brands in the world.

"I was so thrilled when Disney approached me to do this as the film has a great story line and I love a good inspiring story so I had to just jump on it and of course, with the Disney brand, it's a big deal.

She also mentioned that entering the film space has become one of her new creative fetishes.

"In terms of me entering and getting more into films, it's really just me expanding my career, just getting into new spaces.

After releasing my DVD and producing my new TV show which is being aired in 52 countries around Africa, my team and I feel like we're getting stronger at content production. So I'd love to do more and more work around the film space and this is just another awesome opportunity that I could not have passed on." Said Lira.

Lira has described the song as a typically epic Disney song.

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" It's a typically epic Disney song that will play on the end credits, it was challenging making this song as it's also not in my comfort zone, but I think I killed it [Laughs]. 

So in that sense, it's also nice to stretch yourself creatively, and at this stage in my career, it's lovely to just do new and exciting things."

The singer also expressed an interesting fact about her song "Feel Good" 

"I want to write songs that are relevant years from now. For instance, Feel Good is 10-years-old this year and it still rocks and that makes me feel like I've like I've achieved my mission in that sense. I want to write timeless music, music that is epic and emotional."

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Moana is an animated film that is part adventure and part comedy and is set to be released on the 2nd of December 2016.