Lira shines on cover of Marie Claire's naked issue

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:46 AM

It's finally here! Marie Claire's hotly anticipated naked issue hit the shelves today and all the talk is about this year's stunning cover girl. Award-winning singer Lira has graced the cover and to say that she looks stunning is an understatement.

35 celebrities, including Scandal actress, Masasa Mbangeni as well as TV and radio personality Pearl Thusi, have stripped down in support of Whistle SA to protest sexual violence.  Whistle SA is an organisation that fights against rape and sexual abuse, with the aim of giving women a platform for speaking out and giving our children a voice. That definitely sounds like a fight worth joining!

The magazine's naked issue is quite popular. Last year, celebs such as MTV's Nomuzi Mabena, Mi casa and the explosive Boity were featured. Boity, who showed off her bums, quickly became the star of the 2014 issue and trended on social media.

She was quite happy with the reaction and told us: "I'm just glad that they're [Marie Claire] getting publicity out of it, it was the point. I didn't expect my bum part to be this big but the fact that it is does great things for the magazine."

Do you think anyone will trend like Boity managed to last year?