Local Celebs critique the fashion at the 2017 SAG Awards

So, the Screen Actors Guild Awards happened last night. We know, we didn't care either. 

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:44 AM

Taraji P. Henson SAG Awards fashion

But something we did care about was the fashion. Since we are experts on ZAlebs and not Fashion, we decided to ask a few people what they think of a few of the looks from last night. 

The beauty Queen: Bokang Motjane knows how to slay a red carpet gown. 

The Actress: Nambitha Ben-Mazwi has played many roles, today we give her the fashion critic hat 

The token straight guy: Steven Lee Lewis is from the very popular band, FOUR

Natalie Portman's Dior Dress

Five essentials items every woman should own


Bokang: Well, its Dior. 

Nambitha: Marshmallow 

Steven: Looks like she found this straight out of the Peter Pan theater production  

Salma Hayek In Gucci

Five essentials items every woman should own

Melanie: Makes me feel like I am watching a kiddies TV show 

Bokang: No, go home Selma

Nambitha: This is a curtain frail on her neckline and reminds me of the clown on a NickNaks packet 

Steven: Selma is gorgeous, but this look is not... Eish, NO! 

Viola Davis's Vivienne Westwood

Five essentials items every woman should own

Melanie:Classic and simple, but this fabric is not great 

Bokang: This is just ok..not great

Nambitha: Obsessed. Nothing she does could look bad in my eyes. She did play it safe with this dress and cut but its simple and she could have gone a bit further with the look

Steven: Elegant, good safe look. I like it

Claire Foy

Sag awards

Melanie: Shame... eh 

Bokang: I like this dress, its different and suits her. Very sophisticated 

Nambitha: She needs a sandwich, and this look reminds me of The Ring horror movie 

Steven: Adams Family? I cant think of anyone that would think this looks good 

Michelle Williams

sags fashion

Melanie: She looks like a metallic zebra - which is fine I guess 

Bokang: I love the metalic trend, but the choker has to go now 

Nambitha: I see the vision and this dress could have looked better on a different skin tone. I love her hair 

Steven: This fit is great, thats about it

Nicole Kidman in Gucci

sag awards

Melanie: I actually like this, but probably at night 

Bokang: World Peace 

Nambitha: How many peacocks had to die for this dress? 

Steven: Im not sure whats going on here? Why? Did she want to be part of the RIO cast? 

And there you have it folks, expert shade (oops, opinion) from the team 

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