#LockDownS3: Tyson's brutal action gives viewers chest pains

Tyson has everyone in shock and disbelief

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:41 AM

tyson lockdwon

Every episode of this riveting drama series always leaves people picking up their jaws from the floor. But Monday night's episode was just a bit too much for people to handle.

Inmate, Tyson who is currently pregnant after being raped by a male inmate is out to seek revenge for what was done to her by the man.

Tyson managed to track down the man and recently found out that the man that violated her has a wife and a child. In the quest to cause him as much pain as he has caused her, Tyson managed to get herself closer to the wife and child.

Lorcia Cooper

Whilst we thought that Tyson was going to merely threaten the family for what was done to her, she actually took things to the extreme by pushing theΒ little boy in front of a speeding car. Although we don't know if the child died immediately, Tyson's actions shocked many viewers who were watching the show.

Here are some of the reactions from that last horrific scene.

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