Lorna Maseko's business side

Lorna Maseko is not just another pretty face on television, she is also a budding entrepreneur and an employer 

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:43 AM


We first met Lorna Maseko when she became a Top Billing presenter a couple of years ago. The Alexandra born entertainer is credited as being one of the 1st black ballerinas in South Africa.

After leaving ballet, Lorna branched into television and she has had a pretty successful TV career as a Top Billing presenter as well as hosting her own cooking show, The Hostess on SABC 3.

We recently caught up with the star at her restaurant, The Bread Basket in Morningside and she spoke to us about being a TV presenter turned businesswoman, speaking of how she got into business she said, "I heard that the previous owner was selling and I always wanted to own a restaurant and I saw a lot of potential in the restaurant, the location is great and it something I was very keen to get into."

"It has been the hardest business decision I have ever made in terms of my other businesses, it has been the biggest learning curve but it has been great, it is definitely a work of love and I love it. " she added


Lorna then went on to say that this is the first of many restaurants she hopes to own, "I definitely want to own several restaurants including a Michellen Star restaurant in the long haul within the Sandton area."

Speaking of how she juggles presenting and being a business women she said, "I would rather be tired and this energised knowing that I am pushing something I am passionate about, I am putting in the work and it is a rewarding feeling, it is not easy but I am doing the best that I can for the future that I want to have." she added 

Lorna has definitely found her space in the cooking sphere, she is one of the most popular celebrity cooks, her name is now synonymous with cooking and she appreciates it, "I have always loved cooking and I am glad that people get to see me do something I totally love, I am also working on being an event planner and I hope it works out as well as the cooking bit." she added

We definitely love seeing celebrities branch into a more authoritative state and Lorna is certainly doing it right and we wish her all the best.

Image credit: Instagram/lornamaseko