Lunathi Mampofu on how she met her partner & her love for food

She's such a breath of fresh air

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:41 AM

Lunathi Mampofu

Lunathi Mampofu is not just a famous actress, but she also dabbles in a lot of things that bring out the passion within her. Things such her love for food and physical fitness. 

Lunathi recently appeared on Top Billing alongside her partner Dylan Lloyd as the two detailed how they first met.

Lunathi mentioned that she met Dylan at a restaurant, quite ironic considering that they both quite enjoy a delicious plate of food.


Dylan shared that when he first laid eyes on her, he felt a glowing aura emanating from where she was sitting.

"It was just a chance meeting one day, I looked across the table at the restaurant and there was this glowing aura." 

In case you're wondering what Dylan does, just like his lady, he is quite the creative as he's known to work as a production designer and art director amongst his many other professions within the film industry.

Going back to food, Lunathi added that she and Dylan enjoy home cooked meals and that they are both good chefs, so the kitchen is always the place to be for them.

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“I love cooking the same thing he loves too, plus my favourite place is the kitchen,” she said.

Her second favourite place to be in is the gym where she enjoys a daily workout with her twin brothers Oros and Prince Mampofu.


Main image credit: Instagram/@Lunathi_Mampofu