Maggie Benedict's family will 'fight to clear her name'

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:46 AM

Generations actress, Maggie Benedict, was convicted for shoplifting at Checkers Cresta last week after she was alleged to have taken a box of Panado (Paracetamol tablets) from the store. The actress, who plays Akhona in the popular soapie, spent several hours in a holding cell at Linden police station before being released in the early hours of Thursday morning where she appeared in court. Although she was dismissed with a warning, her court case was re-scheduled for the 28th of January. 

Her family has spoken out this week claiming that the charges that  could be laid on the actress are "Ridiculous" and they will do everything in their power to clear the actress' name. Her brother, Abel Benedict, spoke to the press this morning, 

"Why would you spend R100 buying other things in the shop and then steal something for R17? It doesn’t make sense, but unfortunately for Checkers common sense is not that common for them and they must pay peanuts because they hire monkeys."

While we are not throwing out any accusations, and sure, it could have been a simple accident- Kleptomania is a real thing and could be a possible explanation for Maggie's behavior. However, we do believe that charging her for such a petty crime is a little frivolous. A slap on the wrist and a small fine should more than do it.