Makhadzi's Manager Dragged... Again!

More artists allege that they haven't been paid by Rita Dee.

By  | Jan 16, 2020, 10:34 AM

Makhadzi's manager, Rita Dee Nephawe is being accused of not paying for the services of two more artists: DJ MR K2 and DJ Call Me.

Not much was known about Rita Dee Nephawe until the public got wind of her management shenanigans towards singing sensation, Makhadzi last week. Rita was exposed by Makhadzi for not paying what's due to her.

Fans were angry to learn that the Venda singer earned a mere R4,500 in a month, despite performing over 48 shows throughout the month of December 2019. The financials juxtaposed her hard work.

Fast forward to this week, and Rita Dee is in the headlines again. Fresh allegations have been levelled against Rita Dee and her artists DJ MR K2 and DJ Call Me are the latest musicians to complain about her conduct.
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Daily Sun reported that DJ MR K2 stated that he produced three beats for Makhadzi's songs namely, Reya Venda, Matorokisi and Tshelede Iya Hana, which cost R50,000 per beat.

MR K2 also mentioned that he gave the beats to DJ Call Me, who then back-stabbed him by recording the songs with Makhadzi.

"We agreed that I would be credited on the songs and registered at Southern African Music Rights Organisation (SAMRO)."

The DJ also added that it's been a year-long marathon, regarding getting what is due to him from Rita Dee.

"I was disappointed with Call Back for going to Makhadzi without my knowledge. I forgave him but trying to work with Rita Dee to sideline me is unforgivable."

The publication contacted DJ Call Me for his side of the story, but he surprisingly shared that he also hasn't been paid Rita for his work on Makhadzi's album.

"MR K2 should stop ruining my good name. I have also not been paid by Rita Dee."

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couldn't reach Rita Dee for her take on the matter. What do you think should be done to protect people in the future?

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