Mrs. Ngcobo on her husband: I never hid that the man I loved had no money

Mrs. Ngcobo is married to one of the most successful Maskandi artists in our country.

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:42 AM


Having sold 28 albums, traveled across the world, won multiple awards and is the head of one of the most respected entertainment family in the country. It's kind of hard to believe that at some point Bheki Ngcobo was a man who didn't have much.

But that did not stop him from pursuing the love of his life - his wife Linah Ngcobo.

Some might say that the couple is the epitome of black love in the entertainment industry considering how long they've been together we can attest to that.

We've heard a few stories about the couple but none is as interesting as when they shared how Mr Ngcobo was a man who came from humble beginnings. He had asked his wife for a hand in marriage with only R300 to his name.

But despite not having much, Mrs Ngcobo still said yes to his proposal.


In their latest interview, Mrs Linah Ngcobo mentioned that she never shied away from the fact that her husband didn't have much money at the time.

"When he started he had R300 and I told them at home that he wanted to lobola me. I didn't hide that the man I was in love with didn't have money, he was poor so they knew. So when it was time to go through the lobola negotiations my mom asked me how much money he had, and I told her that he has R300. My mom then said that money wouldn't even come to Limpopo or even be enough to lobola me. So they decided to come this side, so I think they understood that this wasn't about money but love and this relationship that needed to be nurtured." Said Linah


Linah went on to share that when her family arrived, her husband was left with R180 as he had used R120 as things were beginning to get rough, so Mrs. Ngcobo's family eventually received a lobola of R180.

The message Mrs. Ngcobo wanted to convey with her lobola story is that love isn't about money.

"Indoda is not about money, no one came into this world with money, that's the first thing you need to know and you will leave this world without money even if you are a billionaire, but a man will always be a man whether he has money or no money.  It's about who you are and how you carry yourself. So what I saw in him was love, regardless of him not having money, I loved him." Said Linah Ngcobo

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