Mariah Carey: Can she still sing?

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:59 PM

Mariah Carey is well known around the world for her ability to accurately (and sometimes annoyingly) hit notes so high that certain human ears can't even hear them. Let’s face it, this woman knows how to sing. Or at least she used to! Things took a turn for the worst in Japan when she struggled through one of her hit songs.

Its seems as if it’s been all downhill for the artist in the past year. Her split from hubby, Nick Cannon, has been highly publicized, while her newest album hasn't done so well in the charts. Her spotlight is being stolen by newcomers such as Ariana Grande and now it seems like she's losing the only thing that has kept her relevant lately; her voice.

Carey took to the stage in Toyko, Japan, on Saturday evening to kick off her Elusive Chanteuse world tour. She'll be hoping the rest of the tour is a lot better than the manner in which it started.

The diva  has been captured on video as she (painfully) attempts to sing Always Be My Baby. We don't want to spoil the video for you, but we think it's time to start facing facts: Mariah is losing her touch. It's time to let Ariana takeover Mariah, you can join Cher and Celine in Vegas though! 

Take a look at the video below and see exactly what we're talking about. Warning: if you’re a Mariah Carey fan, what you’re about to hear could scar you for life!