Masechaba In The Middle

Masechaba remains mum

By  | Mar 04, 2019, 11:29 AM

On the 19th of May 2018, Babes Wodumo, Mampintsha and Masechaba became the topic of discussion after Masechaba had publicly questioned Babes Wodumo on live radio about being abused by Mampintsha.

The interview which ended with Babes in tears, sparked a national debate about whether Masechaba should've addressed the matter in such a public manner.

Masechaba was then subjected to a lot of backlash by people who thought that her addressing the matter on such a public platform was an insensitive decision.

Masechaba was accused of acting as though she cared about Babes well being..

...while others were of the thought that Masecbhaba had other ulterior  motives.

During this entire backlash against Masechaba, people who were behind the media personalities actions expressed how disheartening it was to see people attack Masechaba instead of directing their anger towards the abuser - Mampintsha.

It was also disappointing to see how Mampintsha trolled Masechaba amidst her separation announcement from her husband last year as well.

When Masechaba announced her separation from her husband on Instagram, Mampintsha left a sarcastic comment on the post.


He further took a screenshot of Masechaba's separation announcement and posted it on Twitter.

Fast forward to 10 months later and Masechaba's name has found itself in the middle of this Babes and Mampintsha issue once again.

Some people are of the thought that those who lambasted Masechaba for questioning Babes should offer the media personality an apology since it has become quite clear that Mampintsha is indeed physically abusing Babes Wodumo.

An individual has even called out some of the celebrities who had lambasted Masechaba for what she had done.

However, on the other hand, others are of the belief that Masechaba deserves no apology and that people should stop making this entire story about her but but should rather direct all their energy at ensuring that Babes Wodumo is kept safe and protected from Mampintsha.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Should Masechaba's name be placed in the middle of this situation at the moment or should everyone direct their at focus towards showing all their support towards Babes Wodumo?

But on the other hand, it is tricky not to involve Masechaba in this matter, after-all she is the one that made the news about the abuse public knowledge.

Do share your thoughts with us on our comments section.

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Main Image Credit: Instagram/@MasechabaNdlovu