Metro FM wants DJ Sbu to pay back the money

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:46 AM


Metro FM reportedly wants DJ Sbu to pay them money. Why, you may ask. Because the controversial DJ and superstar has been advertising Mo Faya on his show. The DJ, who is under fire after his fake Forbes magazine cover hit the internet, was suspended from his Metro FM show a few weeks ago.

DJ Sbu's suspension came after he advertised his energy drink at the Metro FM Music Awards.

He is now being investigated by the station. A source told Sunday World: "They pulled out all the tapes of the shows he had done for review to tally every mention he'd made of his energy drink. And since they consider it to be advertising, it must be paid for."

Another source told Sunday World that Metro FM is preparing to issue Sbu with an invoice.

SABC spokesperson Kaizer Kganyago affirmed that anyone who advertises a brand on the national broadcaster's platforms has to pay for the time the brand is mentioned on air. 

He told the paper: "Why should we charge others if someone can advertise for free?" He said isn't aware of the audit on the DJ's shows. He added: "All I know is that Metro FM is dealing with the matter."

Although he's not aware of the audits, Sbu told the paper: "I will pay the money if the same audits are done across the board because all the DJs mention brands during their shows."

He told Sunday World that other DJs who mentioned "Gucci and Floydweather" on their shows and at the Metro FM awards should also be subjected to the same process.

"... I'm prepared to pay the money, but I think it should be done to other DJs as well because I'm not the only one who mentions their brands on air."

Metro FM spokeswoman Happy Ngidi said: "We have no knowledge of the audit that has been instituted."

When asked if they will ask DJ Sbu to pay for the airtime he used at the station, Ngidi said: "We are in the business of selling airtime, this is our only valuable commodity as a broadcaster. Therefore, you will agree that just like in any business, how we manage our commodity is of great importance.

"The fundamental principle here is that no one who works for the station can be allowed to abuse airtime in any way."