Mfundi Vundla takes a holiday to de-stress

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:59 PM

Generations executive producer Mfundi Vundla has gone on holiday to ponder the future of the time-honoured soap opera he created, this following the much-publicised strike action and subsequent dismissal of sixteen main cast members.

According to the City Press, Vundla jetted off to the Mackinac Island in Michigan, America, over the weekend, reportedly to de-stress and figure out how to explain the sudden absence of so many main characters, and also the future storyline of what he is apparently calling the “new Generations”.

One thing Vundla is, however, completely sure of is the fact that he won’t take back the 16-strong group of actors whose actions he says have irreparably damaged their working relationship with him.

“There is no way I can work with them again. The relationship has completely broken down, especially after the drama and the lies they told at the press conference,” he told the publication.

Among the claims made by the group of former Generations cast members was that the show is owned by Frederick Stark, who Vundla merely works for.

The outraged show creator has, however, rubbished this claim, saying: “I created and still own Generations. Even when you read the contract from the SABC, it is addressed to MMSV Productions which stands for Mfundi Michael-Scott Vundla.”

“We have a production relationship with Stark, which means I co-manage the production with him. He looks for and recommends directors, writers and wardrobe people. But I have the final say as to who is hired,” he added.

Vundla also voiced his disappointment with veteran actor John Kani, who supported insinuations by the Generations Actors Guild during their recent press conference that there’s racism on the Generations set by saying: “It carries the residue of an apartheid-style master, servant relationship.”

 “I have great respect for Kani and I still can’t believe he did that.” – Said Vundla.


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