Michael Jackson in new sex abuse scandal

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:59 PM

​Michael Jackson used secret code words for sex, it has been claimed.

Lawyers acting for 36-year-old James Safechuck - who co-starred with the late King of Pop in a Pepsi commercial in the 1980s - have filed court documents asking he be allowed to file a claim against the Thriller hitmaker's estate after being molested nearly 100 times over a four-year period until he hit puberty and the documents contain a number of claims against the star.

The documents allege the accuser regularly shared the singer's bed and revealed Michael used code words for sex such as calling semen "duck butter" and describing an erection as "bright light, brick city".

According to TMZ, Safechuck also alleges the singer used secret signals and when they held hands, the Beat It star - who died of acute Propofol intoxication in June 2009 - would scratch the inside of his hand with a finger to show he wanted sex.

Other claims in the documents include Michael performing a secret wedding ceremony complete with a ring and marriage certificate with his alleged victim.

A lawyer acting for the estate insists the claims should be dismissed as they have been made so late, and because Safechuck has previously insisted nothing happened with the singer.

"This is a person that made his claim five years after Michael died, more than 20 years after the incidents supposedly happened and has given sworn testimony that Michael never did anything inappropriate to him," said Howard Weitzman.

The petition will be heard in court on September 4. 

Meanwhile, in a claim reportedly worth $1.62 billion, Brisbane-born dance choreographer Wade Robson alleges he was extensively molested, raped and even called 'son' by Michael Jackson.

Robson, 31, met Jackson as a five-year-old and claims the dead singer sexually abused him from age seven to 14. He alleges the molestation took place at the late singer's Santa Barbara County ranch and other locations from 1990 until 1997 although Jackson's estate lawyers have called the accusations outrageous and pathetic

The estate has asked the court to reject the claims on the basis that Robson waited too long to file and because Jackson is the only other person with knowledge about the accusations and has been dead for more than five years.