Minnie compares getting married to "standing in front of a crowd naked"

In the lead up to her wedding special - the star is finally sharing deets about her wedding 

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:43 AM

Watch a compilation of snaps from Minnie's wedding

Speaking to The Juice, the starlet opened up about her wedding day, planning two weddings, her designer dresses and her upcoming TV special which she calls "a beautiful piece of work" that she is extremely proud of.

Although she was rumored to be upset about photos from her wedding leaking, Minnie Dlamini seems to be over all that as she gears up to release her three-part wedding special on Vuzu Amp in two weeks. 

Dlamini revealed that her traditional wedding, which took place back in June, was held at her parents home and says it exceeded all expectations. 

She also gushed about her wedding dresses which were both designed by Gert Johan Coetzee.  

Minnie says they imported laser cut Swarovski leaves from Austria for the dress she wore for the September ceremony which was also encrusted in Swarovski crystals (which are notoriously expensive).

She then opened up about her much-talked-about wedding special, saying "Becoming Mrs Jones is the most in-depth personal piece of work I've produced. If you want to get to know me and the person I am, that's the show to watch" before adding"I'm excited to break barriers and contribute to our already booming industry." 

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She boasted about the fact that Becoming Mrs. Jones is the first three part docu-series produced in SA and "it's very existence is a format that hasn't been attempted" but at the same time,  sharing such a personal day with the entire country is nerve-wrecking, as she compared it to "standing in front of a crowd naked."

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